Right of withdrawal and reimbursement of sums paid

(a) Right of withdrawal
The Customer has the right to withdraw from the sales contract without providing a reason and with no penalty, within fourteen (14) days of delivery of the product (the “Withdrawal Deadline”). To withdraw, the Customer must contact the Customer Service department and follow the instructions that will be provided to them, or fill out a Withdrawal Form, attached below as Attachment 1 to these Sales Terms, send it via registered mail to the address indicated on the form, and simultaneously e-mail the scanned form to: with the heading: “Withdrawal Notification”. In both cases, the Customer shall return the products in accordance with the provisions of this Section. To respect the Withdrawal Deadline, please contact the Customer Service department and follow their instructions or send the Withdrawal Notification Form before the expiry of the Withdrawal Deadline.

(b) Reimbursement process
The products must be returned in accordance with the provisions of this Section, within fourteen (14) days of the date of the withdrawal.
The refund costs will be borne by the Customer. The products purchased through the Sales Channels can be returned only to the address indicated by the Customer Service department. To be clear of misunderstandings, products that have not been purchased through the Sales Channels can NOT be returned in accordance with these General Sales Terms.
Following are the steps for returning a product in accordance with the General Sales Terms:
(i) Contact Customer Service;
(ii) The Customer Service department will identify a withdrawal date. At this stage, information about the product may be requested for a first assessment of the product’s condition;
(iii) The package to be returned shall include the product and its related accessories, intact and in full, any free additional items received as part of the order, the certificate of authenticity and all other documents, in their original box; the package shall be sealed and the pre-paid transport label, also received with the purchase, applied onto the return package (“the Package”);
(iv) On the agreed date, deliver the Return Package to the designated courier, as agreed with the Seller.
The Customer must retain a proof of the return shipment. Failure to produce such proof will result in our declining any responsibility. Only products returned to us in full accordance with these General Sales Terms will be considered eligible for reimbursement or replacement.
(c) Condition of returned products
The products must be returned intact and in perfect condition, with all their corresponding protection materials, labels and the original De Vecchi Milano 1935 S.r.l. shipping box and packaging, including all accessories and documents and free articles received as parts of the order. Should the product shows signs of wear, damage or alteration from its original condition, the Seller reserves the right not to accept the return or, alternatively, to reduce the amount of the reimbursement.
De Vecchi Milano 1935 S.r.l. shall check that the returned product meets its own conditions for returns, through strict quality control procedures and, if such is the case, will proceed with the refund.
If the product does not satisfy the return conditions, the Seller is authorized, on the basis of these General Sales Terms, to refuse reimbursement and to send it back to the Customer at the expense of the Customer.
(d) Non-refundable or substitutable products
The right of withdrawal is not applicable to custom-made products, including, for example, any made-to-measure product based on specifications indicated by the Customer, or any engraved products.

(e) Refunds
In the event of the exercise of the Right of Withdrawal, and provided that the refund of the product(s) meets the conditions laid down in these General Sales Terms, De Vecchi Milano 1935 S.r.l. will refund the Customer the purchase price and shipping costs, using the same means of payment used for the original transaction. De Vecchi Milano 1935 S.r.l. will make the refund only after receiving the product in return, or the proof of the delivery of the product to the agreed-upon carrier, provided for in these General Sales Terms; provided that the return has been made or the proof of the delivery to the carrier has been provided, the refund will be made within the period of fourteen (14) days of the notice of withdrawal.
Only the buyer of the product is entitled to receive the refund of the purchase price and in no case will the right to reimbursement be given to a person who received a product that was purchased by another person. If the recipient of a gift wishes to return a product, he may contact the Customer Service department to assess their available options.
(f) Exchanges
It is possible to return a product purchased through the Sales Channels within fourteen (14) days, and in accordance with the indications and procedures provided for in these General Sales Terms, and to ask De Vecchi Milano 1935 S.r.l. for the substitution of a product, provided that the desired substitution product is available and that the refund complies with the provisions of the General Sales Terms, in particular this Section 12. The transaction consists of the withdrawal from the initial contract related to the initial purchase of the product to be now returned, and the subsequent execution of a new purchase order for the product chosen to substitute the first one. It is stated, for the sake of clarity, that the exchange process covered by this point (f) is not equivalent to the replacement of the product provided for by the law as a remedy for the buyer/consumer in the event of product defects (see Section 13), which remains governed by the relevant and appropriate law provisions.
To request an exchange and to check for the availability of the product desired for the purpose of this exchange, the Customer will have to fill out the appropriate sections of the Exchange Form and contact the Customer Service department.
If the replacement request is approved, the sale of the returned product will be cancelled and the Customer will receive a new order for the new product.
In the event of a replacement product with a less expensive product, the Customer will be entitled to receive the refund for the price difference. In the case of an exchange for a more expensive product, the Customer shall be obliged to pay the price difference.