Material: PVC

Dimensions: cm 29 x 12 x 28 h

Design: De Vecchi 2015

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The T8 candleholder, designed by Piero De Vecchi, was thought as an object to be obtained through a single continues gesture. It was presented at the 8th Triennale of Milano in 1947 where it was awarded the Honours Diploma. It is a modular element, a perfect marriage between form and functions: the base is wide to stand stable, the candleholders graps vertically giving the impression to uplift the light of the candles, the internal node allows an easy grip for holding and moving the object. T8 is produced in sterling silver and represents one of the most known and sold objects of De Vecchi. T8 is part of the Italian Design Permanent Collection at Triennale di Milano.

Mult8 was born from the idea to cover an icon (the candleholder T8, designed by Piero De Vecchi 1947) with different coloured pvc tubes and leather. A way to combine an industrial component with a hand made object, a way to transform a monomateric object, born within a monomateric craft, in an object made of materials which are conventionally kept far apart. A simple intervention, which does not revolutionize production techniques, a ready made intervention which puts together what is already made. Like a game, once the rules are defined the possibilities are (almost) infinite.

Additional information

Candlestick color

White, Blue, Red, Yellow, Lilac, Black, Light Green, Dark Green, Orange

Candle backer material

Silver, Silver Bath, Steel


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