AVALON – Cocktail Tray – Santa Design

AVALON – Cocktail Tray – Santa Design


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Material:Stainless steel with natural leather handles

Size:Diameter 30 cm

Design:Santa Design

44 in stock

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Avalon is the name of the legendary fairy island where the mythical Excalibur sword was forged. The cavalry and the spirit of commonality of King Arthur’s Round Table inspired this circular aperitif tray, which combines practicality and elegance.

Avalon is a smart object, for it is enhanced with a holding pivot lodging six different toothpicks, which can be positioned in any point of the tray’s surface thanks to a magnetic system.

Avalon’s body is of stainless steel, polished on one side and satin on the other for a double fais usage, with natural-leather handles.


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