Gift Collection

Lenti Rana

The connection to the natural world is also present in this ironic and fun object, available in two sizes.

Design: 2017 De Vecchi

Cm 4x4x1h/ Cm 6x6x1h
Gr15/ Gr15
Argento 925°°° / Sterling Silver

Drops Collection

Luminous, iridescent, like transparent eye-catching, sparkling drops of water. Drops are, essentially, silver “sheets” whichs well and bend under the weight of water. Design: 2004 Paloma Design -Sterling Silver

Drops 4 Lati: Grande – Cm 28x28x4h Gr630 / Piccola – Cm 19x26x3h Gr395 / Gift – Cm 13x13x2h Gr140

Drops 3 Lati: Grande – Cm 28x38x4h Gr860 / Piccola – Cm 19x26x3h Gr430 / Gift – Cm 13x13x2h Gr165

Drops Tonda: Grande – Cm 27x30x3h Gr745 / Piccola – Cm 21x23x3h Gr450 / Gift – Cm 15×13,5x2h Gr165

Ere Collection

Silver’s light and reflecting qualities are exalted to the utmost in this container collection. Ere are concave mirrors, left free to sway so that the reflected images are in continuous movement.


Design: 1999 Gabriele De Vecchi
Cm 7x7x0,8h/ Cm 14x13x2h
Gr20/ Gr90

Design: 1999 Gabriele De Vecchi
Cm 10x6x0,8h/ Cm 20x11x2h
Gr20/ Gr85

Design: 1999 Gabriele De Vecchi
Cm 6,5×6,5×0,8h/ Cm 13x15x2h
Gr25/ Gr110

Argento 925°°° / Sterling Silver

Gufetti Collection