Flor Collection

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Hinged Flor Candleholder

Several silver buds, connected to each other, create a low and articulated candlestick that enlightens the table in a magical and personal way.

Design: 2016 De Vecchi Milano
Cm 62x12x7h Gr370
Argento 925°°° / Sterling Silver

Round Flor Tray

Thinking of the flower as an element feeding the soul, born two baskets for bread or fruit, distinguished by shape and size.

Design: 2016 De Vecchi

Cm 35x35x5h Gr680

Cm 33x28x5h Gr420

Argento 925°°° / Sterling Silver

Candelabro Flor

Flor discovers the structure of a vase and a candlestick in a flower. A slenders talkls end itself in a natural way to uplift the candle light, just as it sustains a flower. But Flor is above all silver light.

Design: 1998 De Vecchi

Candelabro Flor Gigante
Cm Ø24x47h Gr760

Candelabro Flor Grande
Cm Ø24x40h Gr730

Candelabro Flor Medio
Cm Ø15,5x33h Gr370

Candelabro Flor Piccolo
Cm Ø15,5x25h Gr350

Argento 925°°° / Sterling Silver
Limited Edition: 75 Per Year

Bugia Flor

Silver Petals produce a mirror, reflect the diffused light from the candle and create a candle holder available in three different sizes.

Design: 1998 Gabriele De Vecchi

Candelabro Bugia Grande
Cm Ø24×15,5h Gr395

Candelabro Bugia Piccolo
Cm Ø15,5x10h Gr175

Candelabro Bugia Mini
Cm Ø12x10x7h Gr85

Argento 925°°° / Sterling Silver
Limited Edition:
75 Per Year

Alzata Flor

Elegant and scenic fruit stand for enrich the table, as each flower is a soul blossoming in Nature.

Design: 2016 De Vecchi
Cm 36x36x30h Gr1.085

Limited Edition: 40 Per Year
in Argento 925°°/ In Sterling Silver